Friends in Many Places

Aside from being immersed in Korean culture, I also had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the other exchange students. There were people from all over the world at KNU along with me. I got to learn some Irish drinking songs and improve my salsa and bachata skills. We were able to fill an air b&b in Seoul with people from seven different countries. Thanks to countless nights of laughs and getting to know each other, I now have a place to crash through most of Europe. There’s a network of friends around the world who I can keep in touch thanks to social media and who are already planning a reunion trip.

I was one of the only exchange students in a number of my classes, so I made some Korean friends whom I still chat with as well. Group work was a bit challenging due to the language barrier. It was an interesting experience to be so clearly the odd one out so often. I think that may have helped us bond as a group. (Although some made the association a bit embarrassing at times) There were so many unforgettable moments that I’m so glad to have gotten on camera.

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