GEF Panel

This semester I had the opportunity to join a panel of other fellows as guest speakers for Bushra Asif’s global engagement class. I’m very grateful for this organization and eager to share my experiences from my two trips abroad, so I was glad to join the discussion.

Studying abroad in general can be a somewhat stressful experience, but it can open your eyes and broaden your horizons in so many ways. My study abroad trip in South Korea was a whirlwind of new experiences and new friends to share them with. For many of these students it may be there first time leaving the country or just being away from home in their life. It was a heartening experience to answer their questions and assuage some of their worries.

I also found the other panelists remarks to very insightful and interesting. The differences in some of our experiences were evident, but there were some surprising and sometimes humorous through-lines that we found during the discussion.

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