International Community Fall Festival

ON November 19th, I got to stop by the International Community Fall Festival. Since I’ve been living in Kraettli Apartments all sememster, is was nice to be able to see all of my neighbors having a great time and  enjoying the festivities and bonding. The apartments are definitely a diverse population. I’ve done laundry next to people from so many countries and backgrounds in such a small amount of time. Getting to see how all these families interact has been one of the highlights of living there.

The handful of events that we’ve held throughout the semester have definitely added to the sense of community in Kraettli. From garage sales to BBQs, each one has helped to open me up to meeting new people and learning about their lives and experiences. (not that I didn’t already love doing that) I think I’m a little less anxious about studying abroad next smester thanks to living in Kraettli.

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