Pre-Departure Korean Immersion

Regretfully, in fall 2016 the Korean Conversation Club met on Wednesday nights, which is when I had Spanish class.  So, to continue learning about South Korea before I move there to study abroad in spring 2017, we met at different Korean restaurants to eat together and talk about Korean customs.

First we went to Midwest City to Korea House Our host and guide was Cassade Davis, who studied abroad in at Kyungpook National University in Daegu for a summer program, then returned in spring 2016 for a full semester.  She speaks Korean well, which surprised the restaurant owners. She taught me a few basic phrses while we were there. Cassade explained the basic chop stick table manners, and several other cotstoms and norms for meals and in general. We had kimbap, dukbokki, kimchi, bulgogi, and the accompanying banchan. All of which was delicious.

I’ve since gone exploring for all of the authentic Korean restaurants and markets that I can find, along with people I’ve met who have either studied abroad in Korea before, plan to, or are actually Korean.

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