Russian Hacking

Over the past several months, the media has been completely saturated with “news” of the election, Trump, and countless scandals. the mass of which seemed to desensitize the public to the current President-elect’s highly questionable policies, or lack there of. His campaign relied on this media hype and mudslinging in order to achieve his ends. which he has been fairly successful in.

However, recently it has been shown that Trump has ethical, and business conflicts that seem to violate the Constitution; is skipping his national security briefings while dangerously departing form longstanding bipartisan foreign policy; has criticized union workers and protesters (among many others) on his Twitter feed; and plans to staff much of his cabinet and high-level leadership with billionaires dedicated to eradicating the programs that they’ve been assigned to lead.

Meanwhile, the CIA, FBI, NSA, White House, DNC, Clinton, and Russian powers have claimed that Russia hacked and interfered with the US election. There is now one question everyone is asking. Will this change the outcome of the election? One of the programs that would definitely be thrown into jeopardy is the EPA and other pro-environmental programs. Since Trump and many of the people he plans on putting into power claim that Climate change is a hoax mage up by the Chinese, my future as an environmental sustainability major might be a little more strained. The thought of a Trump presidency not only makes me afraid for my future, for a number of reasons, but for the future of our planet and for those who will have to clean up the mess.

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