Young Women’s Honors

The first ever YWH  will be broad casting tomorrow night. Young Women’s Honors is a global platform that will discover, honor and celebrate women who demonstrate confidence, intelligence and leadership, that will inspire others to follow. Each year, they will celebrate ten women on national stage. Through their online community, they plan amplify their audience, and share the celebration with millions across the world. Over the next twenty-five years, countless people will have access to and be able to recognize these accomplishments through the global platform, instilling inspiration in the midst of these chaotic times.

I look forward to seeing who the honored women will be, in order to better critique their standards for excellence. I sincerely hope that it’s not solely  focused on actresses and draw for a diverse field of women to honor. Michelle Obama is one of the hosts of the evening, among other well know figures. I for one, know the value of good representation in the media, and have often struggled to find it, so I hope that this event acts as a springboard for more positive role models for women, and highlights those whom we may not be aware of.

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